Tool Kit: 

          Managing Boarding

              and Crowding

Welcome to the Virginia College of Emergency Physicians online tool kit. This page has downloadable resources to help you address boarding and crowding at your hospital. You'll find:

  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation for administrators, including:
    • Why you should address boarding
    • Easy-to-customize slides to explain the problem at your hospital
    • Success stories from Virginia hospitals that have addressed boarding
    • Recommendation and resources
  • The Virginia Department of Health's guidance on boarding
  • A study on the financial implications of boarding from Annals of Emergency Medicine
  • PowerPoint presentations from members explaining what they have done at their hospitals:

    Note:  Contact the authors if you would like them to present to your administrators.

  • Contact information for emergency physicians who can help.  These physicians are happy to host tours, meetings and conference calls to share their approach to addressing boarding.  They'll also tell you about some of the lessons they learned along the way.
    • Dr. Tamera Barnes, Henrico Doctors Hospital
    • Dr. Luis Eljaiek, Sentara Potomac Hospital
    • Dr. Damon Kuehl, Carilion Clinic Dept. of Emergency Medicine
    • Dr. Chris Thomson, Lynchburg General Hospital
    • The Virginia College of Emergency Physicians
    Please reach out to them if you'd like to set up a tour, hear first hand about success stories or just bounce ideas off someone with a different perspective.

As always, we want to hear from you.  Please let us know what is working and what challenges you're facing when it comes to boarding.  Call Gwen Harry at 757-220-4911 or