Board of Directors, Councillors, Residency

As contained in the VACEP Bylaws: The Board of Directors shall be composed of Fifteen (15) elected members of the College and the President and Immediate Past President, except that the Board may consist of only 15 members when the President or Immediate Past President serve as such within their terms as elected Board members.   Each director shall hold office for three years after his election or until his successor shall have been elected and qualified.  The terms of office of the directors shall begin at the close of the annual meeting at which they are elected.   No director shall serve more than three consecutive three-year terms.

Officers: 2014 - 2015 Term
Elected Officers are members of the Board of Directors, and serve as the Executive Committee

Jeremiah K. O'Shea, MD, FACEP - Smithfield 
          Email address: president AT

President Elect:  
Mark R. Sochor, MD, FACEP - Charlottesville
Email address: msochor AT

Immediate Past President:
Jason T. Garrison, MD, FACEP - Poquoson
Email address: dr_jtg AT        

Bruce Lo, MD, FACEP - Virginia Beach
Email address: brucelo1 AT

Damon Kuehl, MD, FACEP - Roanoke
Email address:  damon.kuehl AT

Board Members & Terms

Terms Expire Feb. 2015
Brian C. Dawson, MD, FACEP - Abingdon
Email address: brianmary AT

Kenneth Scott Hickey, MD, FACEP - Maidens
Email address: kshickey aT

Patrick J. McHugh, DO, FACEP (Incumbent) - Spotsyvania
Email address: patrick AT

C. Christopher Turnbull, MD, - Winchester
Email address:  cctlouis AT gmailcom

Terms Expire 2016
Darren S. Lisse, MD, FACEP (Incumbent) - Herndon
Email address:  dlisse AT

Bruce Lo, MD, FACEP (Incumbent) - Virginia Beach
Email addess:  brucelo1 AT

Renee D. Reid, MD (Incumbent) - Richmond
Email addess:  reneedonnareid AT

Mark Sochor, MD, MS, FACEP (Incumbent) - Charlottesville
Email address: msochor AT

Edward G. Walsh, MD (Incumbent) - Spotsylvania
Emal address: egw8p AT

Terms Expire Feb. 2017

Damon Kuehl, MD, FACEP- Roanoke
Email address:  damon.kuehl AT

Scott Just, MD - Staunton
Email address: 

Chris M. Thomson, MD, FACEP - Lynchburg
Email address:  chris.thomson AT

Jon D'Souza, MD - Mechanicsville
Email address: 

Jared B. Goldberg, MD - Alexandria

Councillors and Alternate Councillors

Councillors - Term Expires February 2015
Pamela Benson, MD, MS, FACEP
Kelley Foley, MD, FACEP
Bruce Lo, MD, FACEP

Councillors - Term Expires 2017
David Kruse, MD
Jeremiah O'Shea, MD, FACEP
Mark Sochor, MD, MS, FACEP

Alternate Councillors - Term Expires February 2015
Pamela Ross, MD, FACEP
Sara Sutherland, MD, MBA, FACEP

EM Residency Programs Liaisons to Board: July 2014-2015 Term

Virginia Commonwalth University:
Christopher Thom, MD
Email address: christopherdthom AT

University of Virginia:
Joshua Stanton, MD
Email address: jstantonnymc AT


Eastern Virginia Medical School:
Matt Fellin, MD
Email address: fellinMA AT

Virginia Tech Carilion:
Jordan Schooler, MD
Email address: jordan.benjamin AT


For copies of Board Member CV's, please contact Bob Ramsey, Executive Director.